The Cacao Club was born out of a desire to connect to our community on a deeper and more authentic level.

Life in the 21st century, particularly for those of us living in busy cities, can be extremely isolating. Rarely do our day-to-day interactions and acquaintances ever get the opportunity to develop and mature beyond surface level.

In a world we are all so stressed and busy, never before has it been more important to ground our energy and connect the earth and those around us in a heartfelt and meaningful way. Our health and our happiness depend on it.


"When we talk about Cacao, most people don't realise we are talking about a completely different substance than the chocolate they are used to." - Jordan Cohayney (founder)

Truly a miracle food (superfood just doesn’t do it justice), Cacao contains more antioxidants per 100g than any other food. These beans are literally bursting with the essential vitamins and minerals our body needs to not only function but THRIVE.

The magic crosses over from the physical to the emotional body with powerful mood enhancing properties that make Cacao one of natures most potent anti-depressants. The active ingredients in Cacao are Theobromine and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs), work together to send signals to the brain that trigger prolonged state of bliss and euphoria!


Tradition and respect are non-negotiable when it comes to our Cacao. Many people are not familiar with the very real and very dark side of the commercial chocolate industry that still exists today in some parts of the world.

Nothing is more important to us that creating a conscious product that honours not only the plant but also the people that grow it.

We are so fortunate to work with an amazing team of Cacao farmers and producers based in El Salvador who hand select beans based on only the highest quality AND the most sustainable agricultural practices. This family run business has built close working relationships with the growers as to ensure 100% certainty of the quality.

Our incredible team are constantly working on advancing their production and have developed superior processing methods to reduce husk residue, resulting in Cacao that really is crème de la crème. ​We pride ourselves on being able to offer only the highest quality, medicinal grade Cacao that can be tracked every step of the way.

The herbs used in our disks come from Avicenna, an organic herb field in West Wales for professional practitioners and therapists.

"All production and quality control at Avicenna is carried out, or very closely supervised, by a medical herbalist with much expertise and passion in the art of preparing herbal remedies. Avicenna is committed to quality and environmentally friendly growing and production methods". - AVICENNA


“I wanted to find a way to make herbal medicine fun and exciting for people.”

Jordan Cohayney is a certified medical herbalist and naturopath who's mission is to help people connect to their bodies and to the earth in order to find deeper meaning and fulfilment.

"A major catalyst for starting The Cacao Club was out of frustration with my patients who wouldn't take the herbal prescriptions I was making for them. Not because they didn't believe they would work, but because they didn't like the taste or couldn't establish a routine and would end up forgetting."

A firm believer in integrative medicine, Jordan merged her clinical knowledge with her passion for plant spirit medicine, shamanism and alternative therapies to create a holistic offering that encourages people to become their own healers.

"When we learn to listen and trust in the wisdom and healing power of nature, vary rarely do we need to look outside of ourselves for answers. Everything we need to heal and thrive is provided for us - Cacao is beautiful reminder of that."


It is our ambition to provide our community with tools and treats to encourage connection, growth and authenticity.

We aim to support you on your journey of healing and evolution with nourishment for not only your physical body but for your spirit.

On this website, you will find more than just Cacao. Here you will find tools and rituals to help you reconnect with your inner guidance system so that you may align with your highest truth and unleash your wildest potential.

We are not the Cacao Club - YOU are The Cacao Club and we couldn’t be happier for this opportunity to learn and grow with you.