Deya CacaoAmor - London, UK

Where do you call home: My heart, the forest, mountains and Ocean. lol pretty hippie answer? if I must choose, I will say Ecuador and UK. Been on the road for 6 years though, looking to settle let's see what unfolds. 

What you are passionate about sharing with the world: I aim to inspire others to live out their dreams. I am passionate about sharing messages of joy, freedom and wisdom to empowering knowledge about Cacao, Nature, Natural medicine, TCM, magic. 

How does Cacao help you to do this: I am a Cacao Sorceress, being a direct channel for the Spirit of Cacao.  A cacao sorceress is one who listens and responds to her call. Sharing messages of wisdom, joy and freedom. Cacao aids me in sharing with excitement its wonders to the world, weaving connections and celebrations.

Favourite Cacao Recipe : so many! For drinking I love Cacao with Rose and Lucuma.  

Where can people find you: 

On Instagram and via my Website