Florencia Fridman - New York, USA

Where do you call home: Although I live in New York and I'm from Argentina, I feel most at home in Guatemala.

What you are passionate about sharing with the world: There is a profound ancient truth within us all. We come to this world with a purpose, a mission. When we listen to what our heart has to say, this language reminds us of this ancient truth. I'm passionate about the curiosity of getting to know the language of the heart, speaking it with more frequency, and honor those who have protected the language of love. The indigenous communities have been the protectors and guardians of the ancient ways of living and their devotion to Pachamama ignites my fire. My inspiration is to awaken the individual and support the indigenous communities who walk us home to remember our roots. 

How does Cacao help you to do this: Cacao is known as the language of the love. Allowing us to break the self-limiting belief systems that have made us forget of the divine truth we carry. Through her we can remember the innocence, the playfulness, and depth of this precious human experience. 

Favourite Cacao recipe: 28g (1oz) of Arriba Nacional Cacao, Damiana (in herb form), ground Turmeric, ground Black Pepper, Agave. Infuse the Damiana while heating up the water to the point right before boiling. Strain the Damiana, add infusion of Damiana into a blender with the Cacao, turmeric, black pepper, and Agave. While blending sing your favorite song that ignites the fire in your heart. Set an intention. Drink your cup with love.

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