Jordan Cohayney - NSW, Australia

Where do you call home: Currently I am residing on the South Coast of NSW. After 8 years in London it is beautiful to be by the ocean, sharing Cacao in a completely new environment and a building community here in my home country.

What you are passionate about sharing with the world: My greatest joy comes from helping people, particularly women, to realise their own unique power and potential.

How does Cacao help you to do this: Cacao is a heart medicine. Not only does it enable us to access parts of ourselves that we have been closed off to, but it creates a safe container for us to go deep within and shine a light on those parts. A Cacao ceremony is a rare space to see and be seen in truth and authenticity and the power of witnessing ourselves and each other in this way is what allows for incredible growth and healing to occur. 

Favourite Cacao Club recipe: Pleasure & Intimacy! Mmm that spicy rose!!  

Find Me: On Instagram or via my Website