Leena Carragher - Brisbane, Australia

Where do you call home: Brisbane, Australia

What you are passionate about sharing with the world: I want everyone in the world to know that they are special. That they are so needed in the world to help Mother Earth and Humanity heal through healing ourselves as individuals. I love showing that we all have a way of connecting to our Higher Selves, Ancestors and Intuition. That we have all the answers to what we need within. That we are all deserving and capable of the purest form of love. And that we are all here to create a ripple effect into the world in our own unique way. And especially here in Australia, I am passionate about connecting people to their Australian Land guide, bridging the connection of people and his land that needs energetic and spiritual healing. As well as teaching that we are the present and future warrior and protectors of this land.

How does Cacao help you to do this: Cacao allows us to really enter into our heart space. It allows our heart to give us the answers that we search for. It allow our hearts to guide the way and lead. And it allows our heart to connect to the rest of our body, communicating what it needs to communicate with us. And our heart allows us to communicate with everything outside of us in a completely different way as well.We are re-learning that we can trust our heart and are safe to do so through Cacao.

Favourite Cacao recipe: Cacao, Lucuma powder, Coconut oil, Coconut sugar, Cayenne pepper, small piece of Vanilla Bean pod.  

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