Melissa Sanger - Kent, UK

Where do you call home: Kent just South of London is where I was born, but I recently found my home and soul family in New York. Having said that, Ecuador is where my heart belongs! Many places are home, but in the past few years my body has become my temple and my Divine home with Cacao on my hearts altar. I’m pretty sure if you cut my skin I would bleed 100% Cacao!!

What you are passionate about sharing with the world: I’ve always been passionate about creating a sense of community, a safe space to unfurl, and connect to your inner truth without experiencing any external judgement or feeling self consciousness about being open and raw - because being raw and wild can be so beautiful! I’m also very passionate about creating Goddess spaces for Womxn with Cacao as the delicious ancient beverage which opens our hearts for connection, dancing, happiness and creativity! I’m passionate about remaining true to the indigenous wisdoms and respect for the traditional ceremonial rituals of the medicine of Cacao, and her spirit. I’ve recently spent time learning with Mayan Elders and guardians of this sacred beverage and it has completely shifted my perspective of how I’m inspired to deliver the ceremony in order to respect the ancient wisdom and it’s roots.

How does Cacao help you to do this: The warm loving medicine of Mumma Cacao enables you to embark on a journey of unearthing, seeing, meeting your truth, your heart centred essence and self. I truly believe she has the full power to heal your emotional, physical and spiritual body. I have witnessed huge shifts in depression and anxiety around dancing, singing and cacao drinking! It’s pure magic. Cacao contains Serotonin (the happiness molecule), Phenylethylamine (the love molecule) and Anandamide (the bliss molecule). My favourite fact to talk about in ceremony is that Anandamide is a rare molecule, and one of the few other places it has been found to be released is when a mother gives birth to her child. I asked Nana Marina, a Mayan Elder from the T’zutijil Indigenous tribe about this fact recently. She was unaware of the science but she smiled and explained (in Spanish) “Yes, that makes sense because the energy of Cacao embodies the pure love and the powerful strength a mother contains to birth her child into the world”

Favourite Cacao recipe: Guatemalan Cacao is my favourite because its so intensely dark, rich and deliciously oily! I’m self studying herbalism and love to eat plants, herbs and adaptogens which nourish the womb space and regulate hormone production. At the moment I’ve been using Cacao Laboratory’s Arriba National Cacao. I make 42g of Ceremonial Cacao with a teaspoon of Ashwagandha root powder, a teaspoon of Shatavari or Maca powder, (all female reproductive and hormone regulating nourishers!) a dash of maple syrup, a pinch of pink Himalayan salt, a pinch of cinnamon, and a mug of fresh rose tea. Mmmmmm... Whilst making the Cacao I always sing to her with love, have a candle lit to have the fire spirits present and have some Copal burning. These small ritual tools make all the difference to the power of the medicine!

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