Melissa Sanger - Kent, UK

Where do you call home:

London or Kent

What you are passionate about sharing with the world:

I am passionate about empowering women and womb-bearers to feel fully embodied and at home in their creatrix center ~ the womb space! I am also passionate about re-invoking the cyclical wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle and the deep beauty of Moon bleed time. I love guiding a re-activation of the sensual body and initiating a deep feminine body literacy for sisters. And of course, honouring and sharing the heart-womb centred medicine of Ceremonial Cacao to open up all the raw, wild, primal facets of our femininity and beyond!

How does Cacao help you to do this:

Cacao medicine is the medicine of the heart and of love. I witness so many sisters who battle with deeply loving themselves, after so much cultural body shaming. The medicine of Cacao opens us up to feel trust, warmth, love and a sense of being at home in our body. Plus, Cacao relaxes the Vegas Nerve (the nerve that directly connects the brain through the throat and into the cervix) so there is a biological and physical Yoni-Throat connection that is happening naturally as we drink Cacao anyway! With added intention this connection activates deeper. I feel from this space of trust and surrender, I am able to guide sisters deeper into their womb space journey.

Favourite Cacao recipe:

All time favourite:

~ A big knob of fresh ginger

~ 2 teaspoons of cardamon

~ a teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder

~ a tablespoon of local honey

~ 42 grams of Ceremonial Cacao

~ 200ml of hot water

Find Me: Via my WebsiteInstagram or Facebook (my picture is me prancing in some lavender fields.