Rebecca Allen - Hertfordshire, UK

Where do you call home: Hertfordshire is my home although I grew up on the East Yorkshire coast. I think the sea is in my veins and I always feel happiest there.

What you are passionate about sharing with the world: I think now more than ever, we need to feel connected - connected to the earth, to nature, to each other.  I love creating a beautiful ritual space for women, to enable them to open their hearts and feel the love and support that is there for them. Sharing cacao in this way is such a joy.

How does Cacao help you to do this: Cacao always seems to know what we need - as long as we are present and are able to open our hearts to its magic. Cacao helps me to stay in the moment, to return to my breath and to feel connected to the earth. When I'm drinking cacao I always feel that I am exactly where I need to be,

Favourite Cacao Club recipe: I love the Peaceful Sleep disc. I blend it with oat milk for a really silky smooth bedtime drink. It never fails to help me drift off.

Find Me: Find me on Insta - @mylittlethings