Romany Rose Pope - NY, USA

Where do you call home: 

Home is wherever Eduardo and I are together in the world -- currently Brooklyn, NY, but Australia is my forever home.

What you are passionate about sharing with the world: For me, it's the process of learning how to love ourselves, which is vast and ever-unfolding, and awakening to our Infinite, divine selves. And to inspire others to live a more vibrant life and heal themselves.

How does Cacao help you to do this: Cacao is an evolving miracle to me. Her medicine and messages are so generous and immersive. I feel that with this plant's support on physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels, I am able to see the true nature of reality more clearly -- to see the beauty, feel the gifts, and understand the connection and oneness of all things. Cacao is truly the food of the Gods, medicine from heaven to help us grow and flourish! 

Favourite Cacao recipe: Cacao, mucuna pruriens, a medjool date, himalayan pink salt, hot water, and a whole lotta cinnamon! Blend it up, baby.

Find Me: On my personal Instagram, Couples Cacao Instagram and on Medium