PAST - Cacao by Candlelight at WAVE Cafe

* Cacao * Connection * Healing * Meditation * Ritual *
Working with sacred, medicinal grade cacao from the Peruvian jungle, we will gather in ceremony to connect with ourselves and each other. In this celebration of love and compassion, we will work with this ancient plant medicine, which allows us to switch off from the mental chatter and external chaos and journey into the often neglected silence and stillness within.
From this space we connect deeply with our inner wisdom, gaining the clarity we need to help us to understand who we are, where we are going, and what opportunities are available to us. Together we will embark on a deep inner journey of the psyche, heart & soul.
We will begin our journey with a sage aura clearing, followed by an introduction to cacao as medicine. Then we will move on to the cacao ceremony with a short sound journey.
This is designed to be an intimate gathering - spaces are limited so if you'd like to join us please book your place asap!
Some notes :
- Yoga mats are provided but please bring along any extra pillows and blankets for extra comfort.
- It is advised not to eat for 3 hours before the ceremony as cacao can move things around both emotionally and physically - it is important to have a nutritious, grounding meal afterwards.
- Please drink plenty of water before and after the ceremony.
- Cacao is very safe however is not compatible with some prescription medication such anti-depressants which when taken together can cause severe headaches. Please check that any pharmaceuticals you are taking do not have contra-indications.