VAICACAO 500g Ceremonial Cacao


Sacred Ceremonial Cacao made from fine flavour beans sourced by VAICACAO. This Ceremonial Cacao is unsweetened and entirely natural. Craft-made following high-quality standards and procedures in order to preserve the original cacao aroma and nutrients.

Perfect for your morning meditation or daily rituals and of course for sacred Cacao ceremonies. 

Cuyancua, El Salvador : 
Flavour: Intense, dark, earthy flavours initially, with upfront bitterness. The flavour notes develop into green and floral notes reminiscent of orange blossom and jasmine. 

Tree to bar, bean to cup, from the VaiCacao family to yours: take a journey with us to Finca Cuyancua, the beloved family farm, where this Cacao love story was born! This beautiful farm is located in Atecozol, Izalco, a municipality of Sonsonate at 1,312 feet (400 meters) above sea level. Fine flavor trinitario acriollado and DNA test-confirmed criollo cacao trees now grow underneath the tropical rainforest canopy, in community with other plants such as mango, banana, star apple, avocados, oranges, tropical flowers, vanilla, and cinnamon. 


100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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