The Cacao Club

EVENT : Cacao & Yoga // 15th MAY 2021


UPCOMING : 8am BST / 5pm AEST - Saturday 15th

Each month join yoga teacher Naomi Hattler & Cacao Club owner Jordan Cohayney for a nourishing ritual to open your heart & surrender to the present moment.

Connect to your heart and body with a series of deep asanas, rhythmic breathing & meditation, all held & supported by the sweet medicine of Mama Cacao.

Soften into the sweetness of your heart & allow yourself to merge with the beauty & perfection of the present.

We will gather at 8am BST / 5pm AEST for a beautiful 90 minute journey.

Please prepare your Cacao before hand and have it ready to go in a thermos so we can drink together as a group.

If you have a yoga mat that's great if not, no problem. We invite you to create a really cosy little space, light some incense and a candle - anything that helps you to feel warm and relaxed. 

Wear comfy clothes that you can easily move in and perhaps have a journal and pen nearby if you feel called.

We will be meeting on Zoom and you will be emailed the link 24 hours before the event.

We look forward to welcoming you and holding space for healing and expansion. 

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