VaiCacao Ceremonial Assortment Box

This Ceremonial Cacao box is ideal for those who work with Cacao regularly and are interested in discovering new flavours as well as getting in touch with new varieties and origins and experiencing the subtle energies of this plant medicine. It is also the perfect gift for any occasion!

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What's Inside : 
4 x  200g Bags of Single Origin Ceremonial Cacao Varieties. 

Atehuàn, El Salvador :

Flavour: Starts off quite dark in flavour, then gives a strong sweetness. Some brown fruit flavours, with very subtle stone fruit flavours. Bitter finish.

This San Fernando farm sits at 2,198 feet (670 meters) above sea level, on the outskirts of the gently sweeping mountain range Cordillera del Balsamo, located in Ateos, municipality of Sacacoyo, in the La Libertad department. The cacao trees here grow among fragrant mahogany and cedar trees, plus a local white cedar called volador. 

Q'Eqchi, Guatemala :

Flavour: Ripe cherries, cocoa, cardamom, cream.

These magical cacao beans come from deep in the rainforest in Guatemala, from FEDECOVERA -- The federation is one of Guatemala’s leading reforestation organisations. They have been leading by example since 1976, fulfilling their mission to provide a way for farmers to improve their living conditions while honouring and protecting their culture and ecosystem.

Nahua, Costa Rica :

Flavour: The aromatic profile of Nahua cocoa is very balanced, characterised by strong notes of cocoa, yellow fruit and warm cherry aromas, combined with a subtle hint of grapefruit and full-bodied notes of caramel.

Nahua is made up of a network of 430 smallholder cacao farming families, in an area of 800 acres across Guatuso and Upala in the northern part of the country, between the Caño Negro Wildlife Reserve and the Cordillera de Guanacaste mountain range. This area is named for the region’s original inhabitants, an indigenous tribe known as the Maleku, who still reside in the area.

Masaya, Nicaragua :  

Flavour: Soft, sweet, with subtle bread and fermented notes. Initial nutty notes which develop into earthier flavours, with slight notes of wood and bitter walnut. At the finish, some nutty astringency, with flavours of soft green banana.

More than 400 producers cultivate these beautiful, nutty Cacao beans with well-rounded flavours, in a total area of 915 hectares across Matiguas, Rio Blanco, and Muy Muy. The co-op handles the delicate fermentation and drying processes in various harvest centres, and offers agricultural assistance to its farmers to ensure optimum quality beans.


100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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