VAICACAO 500g Ceremonial Cacao


Choose from three strains of sacred Ceremonial Cacao made from fine flavour beans sourced by VAICACAO. This Ceremonial Cacao is unsweetened and entirely natural. Craftmade following high-quality standards and procedures in order to preserve the original cacao aroma and nutrients.

Perfect for your morning meditation or daily rituals and of course for sacred Cacao ceremonies. 

Lenca, El Salvador : 

Flavour: Chocolatey, fruity and floral. A variety of different fruit flavours that develop into a richer banana and dried fruit.

This speciality cacao is grown in a single farm/estate, near the mangroves of la Bahia de Jiquilisco in Usulutan, among coconut and mango trees. The cacao area is surrounded by the cultivation of plantains. The beans are then gently transformed in our little factory by the beach in Sardinia.

Masaya, Nicaragua :  

Flavour: Soft, sweet, with subtle bread and fermented notes. Initial nutty notes which develop into earthier flavours, with slight notes of wood and bitter walnut. At the finish, some nutty astringency, with flavours of soft green banana.

More than 400 producers cultivate these beautiful, nutty Cacao beans with well-rounded flavours, in a total area of 915 hectares across Matiguas, Rio Blanco, and Muy Muy. The co-op handles the delicate fermentation and drying processes in various harvest centres, and offers agricultural assistance to its farmers to ensure optimum quality beans.

Q'Eqchi, Guatemala :

Flavour: Ripe cherries, cocoa, cardamom, cream.

These magical cacao beans come from deep in the rainforest in Guatemala, from FEDECOVERA -- the Federation of Cooperatives of Coban, Alta and Baja Verapaz -- an association of 40+ cooperatives made up by approximately 31,000 Qʼeqchiʼ and Pocomchi farmers. The federation is one of Guatemala’s leading reforestation organisations. They have been leading by example since 1976, fulfilling their mission to provide a way for farmers to improve their living conditions while honouring and protecting their culture and ecosystem.


100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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