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The Cacao Laboratory story begins with two siblings in the south of Argentina. Eric and Florencia Fridman were born in S.C. De Bariloche, a small town in Patagonia Argentina best known for winter sports and chocolate!

This brother and sister duo developed a love for chocolate which quickly became their most prized treasure, often being a 'basis for battle.' This love would often drive them to steal from one another, Florencia would often plunder her brothers stash and devour the sweet treats until eventually the two learned to share. 

In March 2001 the Fridman family relocated to New York City and life quickly changed for the siblings. Eric finished his studies and began his professional career in finance, later moving into marketing sales. Florencia chose to travel...

During her travels Florencia visited Lake Atitlan in Guatemala to explore metaphysical practices and philosophies. Here she was introduced to cacao in a ceremony led by a Mayan daykeeper (the guardians of Mayan wisdom). Florencia experienced a powerful moment which changed the course of her life forever. 

Brother Sister Duo Eric and Florencia of Cacao Laboratory

The experience showed Florencia how strongly cacao can help people to connect to themselves and others, something that she considered was lacking in the western world. The following year Florencia approached her brother about bringing this medicine to the US so that a community could be built around the medicine. 

Florencia and Eric traveled back to Guatemala in search of a farm that would provide high vibrational cacao whilst also valuing the treatment of the land and those working with it.  


"We personally travel and purchase the cacao while it is still in the plant from the families that grow it. The three most important criteria when purchasing cacao: it is grown sustainably (agroforestry and organic), that its land-raised strains, that its fermented and properly treated post harvest.- ERIC "So far we have struggled internally with the decision to pay certifiers in the United States like the usda. We would much rather pay the farmers instead of the certifying companies."


The Cacao Lab work closely with six families in Guatemala to ensure sustainability and fair pay for their workers. 

"We work for wonderful group of brothers and sisters that grow the most amazing cacao. There is a group six families that we normally purchase from: the Cruz family, Mendoza Sambrano, the Fortis, the Garcia family are amongst a few." - ERIC

"They all struggle with their decision to keep growing land-raised strains which are less productive than hybrid strains. We are truly lucky to have met them." 

"There is also the organization that helps us to export as well as our logistics guru Galo Molina (taking care of all the paperwork). In the United States we rely on Cathy lee for our import papers.Aside from that, Flo and I handle the rest." 

Above all Eric and Florencia believe in human potential and are passionate about inviting others to live a happy and abundant life whilst leaving the world better than we found it.