You know you have important work to do in this lifetime

You have a BIG heart and a unique gift to share.   

You crave deep and meaningful connection, small talk just won't cut it.

You're sick and tired of keeping yourself small just so others stay comfortable.

Deep down you know you are powerful and you know you have something special to share with the world...

But you hold yourself back.

You doubt yourself and question whether it's enough.

Sometimes you’re unsure if the world (and the people in your life) are ready for your magic and the depth of what you have to share...

Your sensitivity, your emotions, your joy, your pain, your passion, your talent, your WHOLE heart.
The REAL you, in all of your messy perfection.


And trust us, they are too...

There are so many people out there, your people, your tribe, who are in need of the unique heart medicine that only you have to share. 

They too long for more - More truth, more freedom, more vulnerability, more compassion.
A space to be seen for who they really are, safe to remove the layers of protective armour, piled on over the years to  shield them from judgement and shame.

The World Is Ready.

If you are longing for a space, a community, that sees you and accepts you in your truth,
that holds you in your pain and celebrates you in your joy...

If you are craving a deeper understanding of your own body wisdom and the ability to speak the language of your heart...

If you trust in the healing power of nature and wish to connect more deeply to the earths wisdom...

If you feel the call to deepen your understanding of plant medicine and sacred space holding... 

If you feel called to immerse yourself in daily ritual & sacred ceremony…

Then beautiful being, let's talk about HEART MEDICINE!

Heart Medicine is a 21 DAY PROGRAM for anyone who wants to learn how to hold Cacao Ceremonies and Intentional Space through deepening their connection to Self and Spirit.


As much as this program is designed to teach you how to work with Ceremonial Cacao, it is so much more than a 'How to Guide.'

The true magic of Cacao lies in her ability to bring out your unique essence - your gifts. We call this your personal medicine.
 This program will teach you how to uncover your personal medicine and unlock your unique gifts guided by the Medicine of Cacao.

Not only will you learn how to deepen into alignment with your own body and spirit but you will learn how to connect more authentically with your community (find your tribe) and nature (feel supported by the earth).

After completing this program you will have formed a deep and lasting relationship to the Cacao spirit. You will have developed an embodied understanding of her medicine and how to share it in a way that feels aligned and authentic to YOU.

You will have deepened into your alignment with your higher self and have formed an understanding of how to tap into your innate body wisdom whenever you need AND feel confident guiding others to do the same.


The Nine Modules you will COMPLETE in Heart Medicine are : 

Open Your Heart. You will embark on a journey to meet the Cacao Spirit and learn how to open your body and heart to her guidance and medicine.

Tap Into Your Body Wisdom. You will take a journey through the seven chakras and spend 1 week welcoming Cacao into each of these energy centres.

Discover Your Gifts. You will learn what truly lights you up and discover your unique  'Personal Medicine' through creative inquiry and play.

Meet Your Medicine. You’ll learn the history of Cacao as well as the biochemical properties of how this plant works and interacts with the body on a cellular level.

Honour The Tradition. You’ll learn about the ancient rituals and cultural practices that have been passed on for thousands of years as well as how to pay respect to this lineage every time you drink and share Cacao.

Activate Your Inner Alchemist. Learn how to prepare Cacao safely and at the right dosage for both large and small groups.

Discover The Art Of Ceremony. Learn how to prepare sacred, intentional space for yourself and your tribe.

Hold Loving Space. Learn how to support yourself and others through sacred, intentional space holding as you open yourself up to healing and growth.

Share Your Medicine. Put together a plan for your Cacao offering, a divine marriage of your Personal Medicine, supported by your unique relationship with Cacao.

“This experience guided my exploration and passion of holding space for others. More importantly though, this experience gifted me the opportunity to hold space for myself. Cacao opened my heart, and cleared space for me to go deep within to connect. The intertwining of these experiences have taught me growth, wisdom and gentle healing.”

Jennifer Saving


“It is incredible that a virtual group of ceremonial cacao can bring together so much empowerment, support and healing. This was the perfect way to get acquainted with ceremonial cacao and initiate a loving and delicious relationship with this nurturing medicine. Jordan your availability was so impressive and it defines gave me a sense of ease even at a distance. The 10 day cacao initiation has opened up a whole new world of healing and growth that I'm sure will always stay with me on my journey.”

Giuliana Martinez

"I went through quite a journey & feel I have gone a long way to healing the pains of my past. It was very deep & moving & often quite difficult - as shifts in our emotions are meant to be! What an amazing plant medicine, I think I will be drinking it every day for the rest of my life, I now feel renewed & more complete! Thank you!"

Tracey Smith

What is included in this Program?

The program is delivered over a 3 - week period that includes:

  • A 10 day supply of Ceremonial Cacao so that you can conduct your own Cacao Dieta (10 consecutive daily meetings with the Cacao spirit to grow & solidify your partnership with this great plant ally).
  • 9 modules with step-by-step videos covering the topics mentioned above to help you deepen into right relationship with yourself and Cacao.
  • 9 workbooks, which include recipes, run throughs, and templates so you can easily share your offerings with your community. 
  • 8 guided meditations to help you drop into your body attune to the medicine of Cacao. These can be used again & again and be shared with your group when you begin to hold your own events.
  • 3 live group Cacao Ceremonies to connect with your tribe and share your experiences and lessons.
  • 1 live group Sound Journey.
  • 2 playlists to support your exploration of Cacao and your own body.
  • ​Epic support via our private Cacao Facebook Community.
  • BONUS - An open ceremony run through, to use as a guide for holding your first group Cacao Ceremony



  • 10 Day Supply of Ceremonial Cacao 
  • 3 Live Cacao Ceremonies & 1 Live Sound Journey
  • 9 x 20min Guided  Meditations 
  • 7 x Video Lessons & 9 x PDF Worksheets
  • Email Templates to use for your own events 
  • Epic support from your Heart Medicine Tribe 
  • BONUS : Ceremony Run Through Guide