Chocolate has always brought people together, whether shared on special holidays like Easter or Christmas, to celebrate a Birthday or maybe to console a friend who has gone through a break-up or is having a hard time.

Present through all of life's big moments, the happy and the sad, chocolate has been with us through it all, helping us to feel more connected to those around us and less alone.

We believe that chocolate in its purest form (Cacao) is nothing but good for you - Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

With an incredibly rich history rooted in ritual and tradition, it is our aim to change peoples relationship to chocolate by helping them to understand that it is only through heavy processing and consumer marketing that chocolate has become known as a ‘junk food.’

If we look back at how Cacao was traditionally used and honoured, we can start to adopt these practices by

1. Changing our relationship with food and our body


2. Adopting traditional practices for deeper connection and self-acceptance.

Traditionally Cacao was consumed in ceremony and special gatherings, much like it is today, however, the main difference was that the spirit of Cacao was honoured and called upon.

Ancient people knew that all beings (humans, plants and animals) have a unique spirit and wisdom to offer. So they called upon these entities for teachings. They listened to what the plants had to offer - They listened and took note.

What they learnt from the spirit of Cacao was that her medicine rules the heart and encourages deep connection to oneself, to others and to the earth. The Cacao Spirit teaches us to listen to the messages our body is signalling to us. She creates space for our innate wisdom to be heard, the wisdom that is always there but unfortunately, is often muffled by the noise and distraction our busy, chaotic lifestyles.

It is our mission to offer Cacao as a medicine and to encourage people to connect to the still place within their heart which is often neglected. We aim to offer tools that will allow people to access their innate wisdom and authenticity, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life with more compassion, more peace and more love.


Whether you are interested in using Cacao for spiritual growth, as a dietary supplement or simply for pleasure, below we have included some practical tips and inspiration for how to get the most out of your Cacao.

A substitute for coffee -

Cacao is incredibly energising but actually contains very little caffeine, making it a great alternative for those who feel sensitive to or are looking to wean themselves off coffee.

A practice in mindfulness -

You don’t have to meditate for 20 minutes a day to reach a state of peace and presence. One of our favourite mindfulness rituals is to prepare and drink a cacao tonic each morning.

- As you prepare your tonic, try to stay focused on the task at hand, thoughtfully chopping and pouring as you weave your energy into your elixir.

- As you sit down to drink, take a moment to feel the warmth of the vessel in your hands, taking in all of the aromas.

- Just before you drink try setting an intention for your Cacao. Maybe you have a question that has been on your mind or maybe you simply wish to open yourself up to what the medicine has to offer.

- As you take your first sip, notice the different flavours and textures, giving thanks as you welcome the spirit of Cacao into your body.

- As you drink, breathe deeply as you notice how the Cacao feels as it makes its way through your system. Does she have a message to relay or is she simply creating space for you to be still and silent? There is no need to do anything but notice. Notice what, if anything arises. Are there any emotions present? If so let them come - Cry if you need to, Laugh if you need to, all forms of expression are welcome and encouraged!

- It can be helpful to write a few notes in a journal to remember your experience. Cacao will continue to work through your system throughout the day.