Cacao Initiation Program

Do you crave deeper connection?

Do you long for a tribe of people that you feel completely safe to be yourself around? Safe to express what is in your heart, no matter what that may be?

To show up and been seen in your truth and to express your needs and desires without fear of judgement or ridicule? 

Do you long for a community that sees you for who you really are?

Cacao Ceremonies provide a safe and nourishing space for people to connect, express and simply BE. To be with ourselves, to be with the earth and to be with each other. 

Cacao teaches us to listen to our inner voice and encourages us to speak our truth no matter what that may be. It allows us to access our innate wisdom so that we can move towards a more full and abundant life. 

Our Ceremonial Cacao Initiation Program is 10-day immersion that will provide you with all the tools you need to develop your own unique relationship with Cacao based on your personal passions and gifts. 

This is an incredible opportunity to deepen not only your connection with the Cacao spirit but with yourself.

It is our hope that this program will open you up to receiving more pleasure, more joy, more peace, compassion and more acceptance into your life. 

We want to continue to grow and support this thriving community so that ceremony, ritual and of course Cacao, can become an inherent part of daily life. 

So What's Included?

 - A 10 day supply of our Ceremonial Cacao so that you may conduct your own Cacao Dieta - Daily meetings with the Cacao spirit to grow and solidify your partnership with this great plant ally. 

- A comprehensive workbook featuring tools and techniques to get you started on your journey with Cacao. This includes both the traditional and scientific knowledge that will allow you to tap into Cacao's magic in the most potent and pleasurable way.

- Daily meditations and playlists to guide you on your journey. 

- Access to our #Facilitator group through our slack community where you will have direct access and support from experienced Cacao facilitators all around the world. 

- The opportunity to become an official Cacao Club facilitator and be featured on our directory of recommended facilitators. This includes ongoing support from us and the promotion of your events and offerings on our website and social channels.