Before the Spanish invasion of Central America, Cacao was more than the candy we know it to be today, Cacao was Sacred. 

A plant medicine, traditionally consumed as a bitter drink, Cacao was revered & worshipped amongst Mayan & Aztec tribes for its heart-opening & bliss-inducing properties.

We work with only the highest quality Cacao beans, bringing this sacred medicine directly from the jungle to you.

Return to the earth, to your roots and discover what ancient civilisations have known for thousands of years - CACAO IS MEDICINE.


The difference between 'regular' Cacao and Ceremonial Cacao is a topic we feel very passionate about here at The Cacao Club. 

1. What exactly makes Cacao 'Ceremonial'?
2. Is it worth the price?

Because there are currently no regulations or standardisations in place regarding what makes Cacao 'Ceremonial,' we highly recommend doing your research and making your judgement based on the integrity of the company.

Most people are not aware that there is a there is a very real, very dark side of the Cacao Industry. 

Cacao grows wildly and abundantly in its homeland, however, it was introduced to West Africa in 1879 which currently accounts for more than 80% of the Worlds Cacao production. Sadly, a vast majority of the commercial chocolate brands on the shelves today are using Cacao beans that have not only been highly processed, but have been grown and harvested by horrendously underpaid workers - often children, living and working in extreme poverty. These workers are often paid as little as $2 a day and work from 6 in the morning into the evening...

We consider Cacao to be a herbal medicine and this means ensuring that we use the same selection criteria when sourcing our Cacao as we do all of our medicinal herbs.

Our non-negotiables are:

- Sustainability - The earth and natural habitat where the plant is grown is treated lovingly, respectfully and in a way that encourages flourishing natural ecosystems.

- Organic - No pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals have come into contact with the plant.

- Non-Hybrid - The plant is genetically and structurally the same now as it was before humans discovered it.

- Fair-trade - The farmers who grow and harvest the plants are fairly paid at a price they deserve, one which allows them to sustain themselves, their families and their communities.

- Minimally processed - Low fermentation and low temperatures are applied so that the plant maintains its natural purity and quality.


Higher in antioxidants than any other widely consumed food, Cacao supports immune function and helps to neutralise free radicals that can damage cells and lead to more serious diseases like cancer and atherosclerosis.

The original superfood, Cacao is not only packed full of essential vitamins and minerals but it is also a natural antidepressant containing the precursor to serotonin and bliss inducing anandamide.

Our Ceremonial Cacao is 100% bean to bar as well as being sugar, dairy and preservative free. It is untempered and minimally processed to ensure the active constituents are at their most potent. 

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