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EVENT: Easter Cacao Celebration with Couples Cacao 4th April 2021


7.30pm GMT / 3.30pm EDT (Sunday 4th April) / 6.30am AEST +1 (Monday 5th)

Join Jordan Cohayney (The Cacao Club), Romany Pope & Eduardo Morales (Couples Cacao) on Easter Sunday for a heart opening ritual to honour Pachamama and the Spirit of Cacao.

In this celebration of chocolate in its purest form, we will come together as one heart, to give thanks for all of the gifts and abundance that mother nature provides.

With Cacao as our guide, we will meditate, share our gratitude and even have a little boogie to celebrate all of the blessing this life has to offer.

We will gather at 7.30pm GMT / 330pm EDT / 6.30am AEST +1 for a beautiful 75 minute journey.

Please prepare your Cacao before hand and have it ready to go in a thermos so we can drink together as a group.*

We invite you to create a really cosy little space, light some incense and a candle - anything that helps you to feel warm and relaxed. 

Wear comfy clothes that you can easily move in and perhaps have a journal and pen nearby if you feel called.

We will be meeting on Zoom and you will be emailed the link 24 hours before the event.

** Please note that Cacao is not included in the ticket price and you are not required to have Cacao to join the event, please feel free to prepare a nice herbal tea or tonic for our drinking ritual. **

We look forward to welcoming you and holding space for healing and expansion. 

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