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EVENT : Love Club | 6 month online container | June - November


Love Club | 6 month online container | June - November


An online monthly Cacao circle hosted by Audrey of Love Bean Cacao and Jordan of The Cacao Club.

This is a safe space for those looking to deepen their connection with Cacao and Community. Each month we will gather for 2 hours to meditate, share and explore the medicine of Cacao with our community. 

Guided by Audrey and Jordan, each month we will journey with a unique blend of Cacao, exploring the subtle energies of different plant medicines within our bodies.

A space to really let go and open yourself to your own authentic truth, held and supported by a group of loving beings looking to do the same. 

Each month will have a theme and an accompanying ritual that will support self enquiry and an open dialogue around our personal journeys of growth. 

If you work with Cacao regularly this is a beautiful opportunity to practice holding loving space and deepening your own relationship to the spirit of Cacao. 

When : 1st Friday of each month 8am - 10am (AEST)
90 minute calls + 30 minutes at the end for sharing

  • 4th June
  • 2nd July
  • 6th August
  • 3rd September
  • 1st October
  • 5th November

Where : Zoom 

Who is this for : Anyone who craves authentic and meaningful connection. Whether you are a completely new to Cacao or have been working with her for years, this is a safe space to come as you are with curiosity and an open heart and connect with our growing Cacao community.

What’s included : 

  • Access to 6 x monthly zoom calls 
  • Cacao from Love Bean & The Cacao Club; you’ll receive two parcels with 6 cacao blocks in total! (more info below)
  •  Private Group chat to connect throughout the month.

1 x Love Bean Cacao Block (227 grams)
1 x Cacao Club Tonic for Pleasure & Intimacy
1 x Cacao Club Tonic for Stress & Anxiety
1 x Cacao Club Tonic for Peaceful Sleep
1 x Cacao Club Tonic for BrainPower & Focus
1 x Cacao Club Tonic for Ceremony

What will I get from this experience : A space to come and be nourished each month by the healing medicine of Cacao and the opportunity to explore your relationship to yourself and the world around you. You will come away from this container with new friends, new found knowledge of Cacao and other plant medicines, as well as the opportunity to take part in different rituals and practices that help you in your own Cacao circles and other sacred spaces. 

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