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The Cacao Handbook


Welcome to your Ceremonial Cacao Bible!

This E-book has been adapted from our 10 Day Cacao Initiation Program with an intention to expand the reach of this important information that we think everyone should have access to!

Inside you will find a comprehensive 33-page manual that supports and encourages deep and experiential learning through Cacao. You will learn how to really tap in and make the most of Ceremonial Cacao from both a traditional plant medicine approach as well as a modern scientific perspective.

Here's what's inside :

- How to source, make, and safely prepare a traditional Ceremonial Cacao Tonic for both personal and group work.

- The traditional and cultural history of Cacao that has been handed down generation after generation for thousands of years. 

- How Cacao affects the body on an anatomical and physiological level and how you can use it as a functional medicine to support overall health. 

- Dosage and safety protocols for working with Cacao in Ceremony.

- How to begin holding your own Cacao Ceremonies, including space holding techniques and rituals to guide your journey.

- Preparing for a Cacao Dieta.

- Specific practices and techniques to make the most of your medicine. 

- How to incorporate Cacao to your existing services and expand on your personal gifts and offerings. 

If you are completely new to Ceremonial Cacao or even if you have been working with this plant for a while and are wanting to deepen your practice and start holding Cacao Ceremonies, this e-book is for you!

This handbook provides a wonderful alternative for those who feel called to take part in our 10 Day Initiation Program but would prefer to start by dipping a toe in first.

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